What makes your agency different?+

We listen to our clients. Our client knows their business best, we listen carefully to clearly understand what our client's needs are. As a boutique firm we provide that "personal" touch. Each client has a dedicated recruiter that handles every aspect of the search from start to finish. Your needs matter, and it shows in the attention each assignment receives. Whether it takes two weeks or two months we will drive the process through to completion with feedback every step of the way.

Are you a Retainer or Contingency Firm?+

Our established clients deal with us on a retained basis. We have built a history of success and trust with them. We understand that to build that trust and understanding we may have to "put our money where our mouth is"... and we love that challenge. We look at contingency searches as opportunities to meet our clients' needs and also confirm that our daily practices are the best they can be.

What are your fees?+

Our fees vary with clients depending on volume of search assignments, scope of the assignments, and various other criteria. We will NEVER lose an opportunity to meet clients' needs and build a long term relationship because of fees. We will work to find a business model that will allow us to work together.

Do you meet every candidate?+

Yes, every candidate that is forwarded to a client has been thoroughly evaluated by our staff. We interview and "dig deep" using our behavioural interviewing techniques to truly discover what a candidate has accomplished and what they will bring to your organization. This also allows us to present our clients with "soft skills" information that is critical to a proper fit into a new culture.

How long does a search take?+

This can vary and depends on a number of factors. Our first concern is to always find the right candidate, and we can move as quickly as our client needs us to . We have the resources and experience to personalize a time to meet the needs of every client.

Where do you find your candidates?+

We use a variety of sources. The great majority of top talent is located through our wide ranging network. By speaking to our contacts we quickly discover the top prospects. Along with discussions we use our In-House database system which holds the co-ordinates of every candidate our firm has ever dealt with. We will also use a wide variety of advertising methods through both traditional and social media platforms to assure that a candidate is not missed.